Today is the Autumn Equinox: the days are getting shorter and the nights are drawing in. Viral infections such as coughs and colds are more common during the chillier months. Viral infections can develop into throat infections where the throat becomes sore and inflamed. Mostly these settle after a few days using over-the-counter medication to help sooth your throat.

However, if you develop any of the following you could have tonsillitis and you may need to see your doctor for antibiotics:

If you are unable to swallow, you might need to be admitted to hospital for fluids and intravenous antibiotics.

If the tonsillitis becomes recurrent you may need to see an ENT specialist, to decide if the tonsils should be removed surgically. For more information about the surgery, recovery and what to expect can be found here:

Tonsillitis is most common in children and teenagers. We have weekly private clinics offering appointments for both children and adults in Eastbourne and Hastings – please call us to find out more information: 07925 160934 

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