The stress of living under lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic is affecting our usual sleep patterns, the National Sleep Foundation has reported. Are you sleepy during the day, and unable to sleep or are wakeful during the night? This could just be due to the stress that lockdown is causing  – or it could be […]

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Spending time outdoors is so important for our health and mental wellbeing.  Whilst some of us are unable to spend time outdoors during the COVID-19 lockdown, many of us are in fact spending more time outside, taking exercise, in gardens or on balconies. Did you know that a sunny day in winter or spring can […]

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In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now offering patients video consultations to comply with government guidelines set out over the next few weeks. This will ensure staff and patient safety but also means patients can still be seen. We can offer advice, treatment and tests where appropriate. Please contact us for further information or to book a video consultation.