You will need to inform your insurance company to check that you are covered for the appointment before you attend. Please provide The ENT Clinic with your policy details prior to your appointment. You will need to obtain a pre-authorisation number from your insurer. Please check whether any top up fee is payable by you, particularly if your insurer does not cover Mr Kirkland’s full fee.

For any clinic appointment and procedure that may be necessary, Mr Kirkland charges in line with the accepted codes and fees set up by the individual private medical insurance companies.

We will handle the invoicing directly with your insurance company – you will not need to do anything.

Mr Kirkland is a recognised provider for all the major medical insurance companies including BUPA, AXA PPP, Vitality Health, Aviva, WPA, PRU Health, Cigna, The Exeter and Healix.



An initial (in -person) consultation fee is £200 whilst a telephone consultation is £160.

A follow up (in-person) consultation fee is £150 whilst a telephone follow up consultation is £120.

We use an external billings company – Civica/MBC who handles all our invoices. They will send you an invoice after your appointment which you will be required to settle within the set 30 day period. Payment can be made via bank transfer or over the phone. We do not accept cheques. If you have any queries about your bill please contact Civica/MBC on 01494 763999 or www.medbc.co.uk

Any additional procedures that may need to be carried out either during your consultation or at another appointment will be charged in line with the fees and codes set up by Mr Kirkland and the hospital. You will need to check with the hospital for up to date information on pricing for additional treatment or tests.

If you do require any additional procedures during your consultation, Mr Kirkland will discuss this with you in advance so you are aware of any additional costs.


Your chosen hospital will put together a fee package for your operation which will include all surgical fees (including anaesthetist, surgeon and hospital costs).  Once they have your confirmation, you will be asked to attend a pre-admission visit at the hospital.

Usually, the hospital asks for the fees to be paid in advance.

If you have any further questions, contact the Practice Team on 01892 570300 or email info@theentclinic.co.uk



Initial consultation:£200
Initial telephone consultation:£160
Follow up consultation:£150
Follow up telephone consultation:£120


Unlike most Consultants, Mr Kirkland includes any clinic procedure fee within his consultation fee. However, hospital fees apply to any procedures performed within appointment. This will be invoiced to you or your insurance provider separately from Mr Kirkland’s consultation fee. If you are a self-funding patient, we will let you know what these fees are, depending on the hospital you are seen at. For insured patients, these fees vary; please contact your insurance provider for further information. Outpatient procedures include:

  • Fibreoptic nasal endoscopy (procedure code E2501)
  • Fibreoptic laryngoscopy (procedure code E2501)
  • Ear microsuction (procedure code D0702)
  • Nasal cautery (procedure code E0380)


Mr Kirkland performs one-stop hearing assessments during appointments for patients who report hearing loss so they don’t need to be referred elsewhere for a hearing assessment. Insurance providers will be invoiced for this in the usual way for insured patients. Mr Kirkland charges £30 for self-funding patients.


Please note there will be an additional hospital charge for mole removal. Please check with the individual hospital for up to date information on their fee for mole removal. If you require a biopsy to be sent off for histology, there is also an additional hospital charge.

Mr Kirkland’s surgeon fees for mole removal are as follow:

Removal of 1 mole£300
Removal of 2 moles£400
Removal of 3 moles£500

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