Grommets treat Glue Ear

Hearing usually returns to normal immediately

Avoid getting water in your ears for 4 weeks after surgery


This procedure takes around 10 minutes and is performed under general anaesthetic as a day case.

Using a microscope, the middle ear fluid known as Glue Ear, is removed with suction through a small incision in the eardrum. Small tubes called Grommets are inserted in the ear drum.



The procedure is surprisingly pain-less and pain-killers are rarely required.

However, to prevent the Grommets from blocking, antibiotic ear drops are usually prescribed for 5 days.

You should avoid getting water in your ears for 4 weeks after surgery.

Most people can get their ears wet after this, but occasionally ear plugs/swimming cap need to be used to prevent ear infections.

A hearing test is performed several weeks after Grommet insertion to ensure the hearing has returned to normal.

The Grommets will work their way out of the ear after 12-18 months. Some patients will need further Grommets inserted, with or without Adenoidectomy.

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